Simple Face Shield

Inspired by Sovann’s latest work with Face Shield v5, I thought I’d try to create a homemade version of the headband to be used with my LDPE plastic bag shield prototype. 


1. I found a piece of scrap plastic lying around my house and used a hole puncher to cut two slots in it. 

2. I then laced an elastic strap through it. (a regular shoelace or string will also suffice)

*We do not officially endorse this as a safe alternative to ANSI and OSHA compliant PPE, but in this times of crisis, dire times may call for atypical solutions. Make sure to research materials yourself before trying to create an alternative PPE. Redundant protective barriers may also also help reduce this risk. You assume all risk yourself if you follow these guides or try to print one of the devices described in the article linked or one the models we have made or feature on our site.

Please do not test this yourself unsupervised, due not test this method if you have a history of breathing difficulties or sudden fainting, make sure all bags have sufficient air holes before placing them on you. We never recommend children, seniors or those with disabilities attempt this alternative PPE.

3. Then you tuck the plastic bag into the the headband.

4. You can also tuck the headband into your shirt to help create an even tighter shield.

5.You can also tie a knot in the elastic or shoelace for a tighter fit.

6. Now that I’ve worn it for an hour to test comfort, I’d suggest you might want cut to sharp corners on the plastic strip as it can be annoying and poke your ears occasionally.

Suggested Care & Usage

The straps and shield should be discarded after being sneezed on by a patient or exposed to blood or other body fluids. 

The Headband is washable and disinfectable.


This version only uses half a plastic sandwich bag. This means each bag can be used to make two face shields. Driving costs down to 10¢ or less per shield and headband or free if made from materials commonly found at homes.

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