Making 30,000 Face Shields

With the help of Anthropocene Institute, we are making 30,000 face shields designed. These have been built with the help of local builders and makers. We plan to provide personal protection devices to hospitals and medical professionals nation wide.

How Are They Being Made?

Using 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, and CNC Machines, 4 different styles were 3D Printed and tested and now using local Bay Area Vendors for plastics, design, fabrication these face shields will be donated to local medical partners.

Companies like Ivaldi, Gantri, PhaseSpace, Mr-Plastics, Interstate Plastics and others have helped source scarce materials and given the limitation of time and materials artisans and engineers have worked together to build prototypes.

How To Submit a Donation Request

Apply here if you would like to receive free face shields.