LDPE Testing

*We do not officially endorse this as a safe alternative to ANSI and OSHA compliant PPE, but in this times of crisis, dire times may call for atypical solutions. Make sure to research materials yourself before trying to create an alternative PPE. Redundant protective barriers may also also help reduce this risk. You assume all risk yourself if you follow these guides or try to print one of the devices described in the article linked or one the models we have made or feature on our site.

Please do not test this yourself unsupervised, due not test this method if you have a history of breathing difficulties or sudden fainting, make sure all bags have sufficient air holes before placing them on you. We never recommend children, seniors or those with disabilities attempt this alternative PPE.

Things may be quieter on the weekend, but we are still hard at work prototyping and testing.

I had the idea that if Polyethylene was viable for face shields why couldn’t we use low density polyethylene, like the ones food in bread bags.

The theory was if Polyethylene was viable as a face shield, a lighter cheaper alternative might be as well.

The pros are at less than 10¢/unit they’d make a cheap and viable barirer.

While it does protect, it also is prone to fogging since it wraps around the face, this obscure vision, making it hard to perform crucial medical functions.

These could be used by medical personal who do not do surgeries or other critical care things that require fine vision.

But for patient intake and other more routine care these could make a great alternative to help reduce the demand on the need for face shields and eye protection.

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