Stronger Together
We would like to thank Ethan Garner and the wonderful FindTheMasks team for gathering and maintaining a centralized database of
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3D Printed Respirator
PPE Accessibility
Here at GiveNeed we believe in making PPE accessible to all the medical workers and organizations who need them. That
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3,000 Face Shields for workers
Bulk PPE for Hospitals
We have built a few dozen prototypes of a face shield. We are going to build 3,000 Face Shields for
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Hospital Beds
200-Million Face Shields are Needed in California
By The Numbers: 2,400 Number of hotel rooms available to be repurposed as shelter for homeless people or hospital beds 8,487
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Low Cost 3D Printed Mask
Low Cost Respirator
Check out our new very low cost silicone breath mask. In one version the back grill pulls out and you
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3D Face Shield Holder
3D Printing PPE
Making high grade, mass reproducible, medically approved parts is no easy task. At Give•Need we are ready to take on
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Face Shield Version 0.1
We are really excited to share with everyone that we’ve taken the very first face shield prototypes to a local
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